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throughout the recount crusade observers are allowed to problem individual ballots, sending wondered ballots to the county’s Board of Elections for a ruling. The board additionally would make the last name on “over votes” — the time period used when a voter has made marks on the ballot for more than one candidate.

there were ninety three over votes counted throughout the election, and ballot scanners recorded them as no votes — which means no candidate gets credit for them. As officers reviewed them, some had been grew to become into votes for candidates.

by the point recount paused for the day after 6 p.m., officers had poker online reviewed some 35.”000 votes. Olszewski picked up three votes to Brochin’s two, leaving Brochin 10 at the back of so far. Almond picked up three votes. many of the alterations came from rulings in the over votes.

“There isn’t a lot of circulate in any respect,” Cavanagh mentioned.

For Brochin’s camp, Hodge noted he disagreed with election board contributors on many of the choices that grew to become over votes into votes for a selected candidate. He said it’s too complex to assess a voter’s intention when there are marks next to multiple candidate — notably when voters stuffed in ovals for 2 candidates but additionally made an X or determine mark over one of the ovals.

“It’s Baltimore County’s version of the putting chad we’ve going nowadays,” Hodge noted, referencing the 2000 presidential election in Florida during which elections officials had to determine voter intent on even if punch holes had been made in ballots.

County elections director Katie Brown talked about that her team had recognized two other error right through the election.

throughout early vote casting, the Randallstown neighborhood core web site may additionally scanned one polltwice, she stated, as the hand count number of the paper ballots became one below the scanner’s count, and elections officials stated that one voter on the seventh day had obstacle with the scanner.

The voting site at precinct 03-08, Summit Park fundamental faculty cafeteria in Pikesville, additionally had an issue, Brown spoke of: The hand count number of ballots changed into an extra than the scanner’s count number.

As officials completed the recount for each precinct, they used a projector to reveal the consequences on a wall at the elections workplace in Hunt Valley. the primary precinct that become comprehensive with a recount — the early voting site on the Jacksonville undertaking core — showed no alterations to the outcomes.

The winner of the Democratic fundamental will face Republican nominee Al Redmer Jr. in the regularly occurring election in November.

A recount in Howard County on Wednesday affirmed the influence in an in depth Democratic simple for the County Council. Challenger Liz Walsh saw her margin of victory over incumbent Jon Weinstein grow from two votes to six.

Baltimore solar reporter Yvonne Wenger contributed to this article.



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